All Ears

All Ears was set up in memory of Aleysha Rothwell who died by suicide in 2014, our aim is to help anyone else in a similar situation to her so that they feel supported.


Our Offering:

We offer interactive and educative mental health awareness presentations to schools and businesses. We also offer art well-being workshops, with a primary focus of emotion regulation.

Our Mission:

We want to inspire and educate. To start the conversation about mental health and to show that it is nothing to be ashamed of.


Meet The Team

  • Amy founded the group after losing a close friend to suicide. She is currently studying couselling and psychotherapy at Edge Hill University and hopes to work within High Schools and Colleges to support people both suffering with mental health directly, or suffering with the effects indirectly.

  • Elle is one of our presetation speakers, she is the best at getting those volunteers involved.

  • Alongside Amy, Isabel makes sure that all of the All Ears social media pages are kept uptodate, with important and inspiring posts.

  • Psychology graduate, Joe is no stranger to the way that the mind works. He has a great perspective and really important knowledge.

  • Allysha is a very passionate part of the All Ears team, she'll be happy to bring that passion with her on presentation days.

Services we offer
at All Ears

All Ears is dedicated to providing the mental health support our community needs.

‚ÄčEducational Services:

  1. Assemblies

  2. Classroom workshops

  3. Staff training

  4. Parent/Carer workshops

'The Aleysha Promise'

All Ears is also currently working closely with care leavers in our community to ensure they are surrounded by opportunities and support. We also provide creative well-being sessions, which we can offer in a block of 8 sessions following themes such as: Grief, Self-Love and Trauma.

Therapy Services:

Our founder is a qualified person-centered therapist, who can offer 1:1 or group sessions for schools, community groups & work places. We also work with other therapists who may be able to support you. We offer art therapy sessions and training.

Training opportunities

All Ears is currently offering Training opportunities.If you would like to know me, please email us at allearsmha@counsellor.com. we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Guest speakers
at All Ears

At All Ears, we want to make the learning as interesting as possible for your pupils. So heres a few guest speakers that we think could help to do this!


Megan Finnigan:

Megan Finnigan is an Everton and England Ladies football player. She lost a team mate to suicide in 2016 and so is very willing to help out when she can.

Behind A Smile :

Behind A Smile is a Mental Health clothing brand - All proceeds go to MH Charities. The founder of B-A-S , Matt is happy to help out where he can too. His inspirational story highlights how pain can be turned into progress.